23 February, 2010

Speakeasy White Lightning

I'm pretty fond of the white beers, in fact they generally take up approximately 50% of my top 10's. My preference would be Belgians but I love the American take on the traditional white beers.

The Speakeasy brewery from San Francisco have done a particularly good job on White Lightning. They managed to keep it light enough on the mouth to easily consume a 6 pack without it being too boring to warrant €2.70 a bottle.

The nose is pretty unusual in comparison to the other American brewery whites. I get basil and orange peel, although they claim it's coriander. The palate is fat, creamy but not stodgy, soft, slightly sweet with citrus fruits and herbaceous flavours.

This is really good, a beer to end a Saturday night, after a cheeseburger and teamed with a Marlboro light before hitting the nest.

Stock it and will definitely be drinking it,



Darren Lynch said...

Big fan of White lighting, only tried it for the 1st time last weekend. I tend to go belgian when looking for a wit beer. Will definately buy this one again. Pity it's filtered though, as I like the look of a cloudy wit!

Deveneys said...

Hey Darren,
Yeah I'm with you on the cloudy front but some I find leave a chalky residue which I'm not a fan of....
Have you tried St.Bernardus Wit? My all time favourite!!

Darren Lynch said...

yeah, I only ever had it in Belgium though, used to spend alot of time over there as my ex gf is from Brussells. Wit beers were actually my introducion to proper, real craft beers. I'd probably agree with you on how good it is though. A prime example of a high end Wit....I actually totally forgot about it, I'll have to keep my eye open for it.

Deveneys said...

I have it and try and keep it in stock on a regular basis, if I'm grabbing a beer to drink with Eastenders, St Bernardus is the bottle!!!