01 February, 2010

The Festival Kick-off

Just tying up some loose ends and then we're good to go for tomorrow night.
Need to stress that it's a 6.30pm start.
This is also a ticket only event..... Unfortunately no ticket, no entry. Those of you without will have to wait for part 2, which as it transpires might not be too long!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you all there at 6.30pm!!!!!!!!!!!
Slightly nervous and very excited,


TaleOfAle said...

Well done on the event. It was a brilliant night, too good in fact. I feel pretty rough now.

Deveneys said...

Thanks Reuben,
It was a really good night. The turn-out was amazing and everyone seemed in high spirits!!
Thanks for coming and plans for the 2nd one have begun already!!!
Wasting no time....

Anonymous said...

I tried some great beers last night. Chatted to some really nice people and had one of the best nights I've had in ages, despite it being a Tuesday in February!!! Really good Job!!! Congrats

Anonymous said...

well done ruth, was a great night.
my sister really had her eyes opened by the great beers available, and i found some new ones too. the atmosphere was great too - and thanks for the duvel bottle opener in the welcome pack too!

Deveneys said...

Thanks Derek,
Glad you guys had a good night- makes all the hard work and headaches worthwhile!!!
I had a really good time too... Didn't taste any beers though, might have been a little inappropriate to be drinking on the job, Thanks again x

Anonymous said...

Amazing night Ruth, Will be down to the shop to pick up some of those beers, When is the next one? Brian

Deveneys said...

I started planning the next one at approximately 9.30pm last night... Soon I promise. Maybe the Summer!!! Bigger, more beers and a cloakroom!!! Sorry about that- it was an oversight.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was hot in there - loads of people and no open windows. I'm not going away on holidays this summer so that gives me something to look forward to. As soon as you have a date, get in touch. I'll take a minimum of 10 tickets. My friends weren't quick enough and ended up really disappointed. Sounds great. Excited already. Brian.

Mr. Farwalker Walkingstick said...

That was a great night! Herself and I enjoyed the selection and the crowd was wonderful. Well done, all!!!!!!

BMK said...

Absolutely brilliant night, found some new tipples, some I've already bought more of. thanks. Cant wait for next one