14 November, 2009

Goose Island 312 and Harvest Ale.

After serious deliberation about last nights activities, I ended up in The Bull and Castle for a beer instead of 'Springbreak' in the Harcourt Hotel or a boat party on the quays. I'm a massive fan of this pub, not just because of the vast array of interesting beverages but the unpretentious clientele and the general atmosphere of normal people drinking good beers. I had a cold bottle of Goose Island I.P.A- yes, I was playing it safe but as I had my car waiting outside to be driven home, there's definite comfort in familiarity.
Beer drained and the 4 of us headed back to Nutgrove. I had a couple of new beers in the fridge and a score card.
Goose Island 312: From previous posts you're aware of my fondness of a good American hefe, especially when it stems from Sierra Nevada/ Flying dog/ Goose Island. This I was disappointed in, the nose was wheat beer-esk, slightly spicy with some notes of banana, more under ripe green banana then blackened, destined for banana sandwich, banana. The palate had loads of weight and a slight creaminess but very little else going on.
Goose Island Harvest Ale was worth coming home for though. This actually looks like Autumn in a glass - Amber, golden with a brown hue. The nose has loads of ripe winter fruit - almost stewed fruit with hints of clove. The palate is big, round fruit, ripe apple and plum with a nice balanced carbonation, slightly sweet finish.
Justin loves the Hophead by Porterhouse. Very floral with a fresh hop palate and a citrus finish. I like this but a little too hardcore for me, I always assist him on consumption purely to remind myself that it's not my bag and that I'm happy with my own choice, I can hear you all simultaneously saying 'ANNOYING'. Louise had a Hopfen Weisse by Schneider/ Brooklyner, I've posted on this before. This is the kind of beer that you spend your last fiver on. Value for money and a bottle like Mary Poppins carpet bag, endless, just the way we like it!!
I have my 10year school reunion this evening. I'm pretty sure that I can't get a bottle of Goose Island in 'Krystal', I'd also rather spend my Saturday night in an abattoir than that particular venue!!!
Fill you in on the abc next week,

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