13 June, 2009

Exclusive beer from Knappstein Winery...

About 2 weeks ago on a very wet and miserable Monday morning I received a large box via DHL addressed to me from Australia- alcoholic beverage in a box, the quickest way to my heart!!!. Knappstein wines are possibly my favourite boutique winery from down- under, these guys produce an amazing trio blend called- surprisingly enough, Three, a blend of Riesling, Gewurtztraminer and Pinot gris and they also do a stunning Hand picked Riesling both of which if you're a fan of Indian, Asian or spicy Mexican food, you have got to try. The newest addition to the portfolio is Knappstein Reserve Lager - it's as impressive as the wines they produce. Paul uses a hop called Sauvin which apparently reflects the characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc, I thought it was closer in style to a new World Pinot Gris. On the nose loads of peach and melon but the palate was elderflower and floral perfumed notes with a slice of acidity on the finish. We sampled it after the the 6 new English ales last Thursday and there was lots of approving mmmnnnnn's, especially from me!!!!!
At 5.6%, it's definitely a beer you could drink over and over - bottle after bottle, I loved it.
Thanks Matt and maybe you could get 20c/s on the back of your next wine container destined for Dublin, it was a big hit in Dundrum!!
All wines available at Deveney's Dundrum - beer to follow, hopefully!!!

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