30 April, 2009

To marry Luigi Guglielmo........

A couple of months back I heard rumors about a chocolate grappa arriving on the Irish market. In true Deveney style I harassed the company in question till Fergal called last week and had a case with my name on it.

Liquore al Cioccolato con Grappa arrived on Friday and I managed to abstain until last night. Any man that can produce a liqueur that tastes this good has seriously found the way to my heart- forget designer handbags and candlelit dinners, I did contemplate seeking him out and asking him to marry me. Unfortunately he established the company in 1875 so my thinking is he is either incredibly old or dead, either option is not great!!....

It has the consistancy of a traditional hot chocolate, thick, heavy, creamy and syrupy. The palate is so smooth, the chocolate is a good balance between milk and dark and theres not much to this other than it feels like melted good quality chocolate with a slight alcoholic kick. I don't think a chocolate liqueur could get any better than this. I was trying to think how best to serve it and you've loads of options, ideally in a big cognac glass by the fire in winter, you could have it on the rocks or mix with a good quality Vodka and shaken over ice with a drop of cream and garnished with chocolate shavings. It would be really nice over Ice-cream or strawberries, I could probably go on and on with suggestions!!!

Call into me I have a bottle open here in the shop- it'll probably last about as long as a box of Lindt chocolates............. Chocolate liqueur with Grappa €29.90, Available in Deveney's Dundrum

O&O Ruthx

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