01 April, 2009

Samuel Adams Honey Porter.

Finished work at 5pm yesterday, the cafe where I buy my soup had let us down by making mushroom - which Mark won't eat, so we both had to suffer!!! I left Dundrum with severe starvation disorder and headed back to Nutgrove and the chicken (kinda spicy /makey- up) curry I'd made the night previous.
Samuel Adams Honey porter had arrived last week on a back order placed 6 weeks ago which needless to say had slipped my mind . On it's first night I bought a bottle with the intention to blog and put it in the usual place -the lettuce/beer/mayonnaise department of my fridge at home and forgot. I decided it didn't sound bad - spicy almond curry with an American heather honey porter - odd maybe but delicious, at this point of hunger if you'd replaced the 'almond curry' with 'hoof & hog curry' I'd probably have thought the same!! Anyway the nose was Demerera sugar, maple syrup and wild honey with hints of clove, really amazing and interesting. On the palate there was a nice soft carbonation loaded with wild honey hints of heather and fruit, finishing dry with some sour-dough elements.
When matching a wine with a spicy Indian curry or an Asian dish I'd always recommend a really aromatic grape like Gewurtztraminer/ Riesling or a New World Pinot, this American honey porter is a great alternative to these and really kind on the cash......€3.29.....o&o Ruth.

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