15 April, 2009

Grown in Bolivia... distilled in Amsterdam.....

A Bolivian Coca leaf liqueur distilled in Amsterdam.... Sounds ominous.

We sell it though and had to open a bottle for anyone interested in sampling a spirit derived from the bi-product of a class-A drug.......

Every 700ml bottle contains 40grams of Coca leaf and is blended with Guarana & Ginseng.

It's not the first attempt at a Bolivian Coca Leaf Liqueur, In 1820 a similar product was manufactured in Bologna but was taken off the market with the banning of cocaine- as rudimentary distilling did not remove the narcotic..... It's nearly spent the last 200years in rehab and it's back, clean and very fresh looking but slightly green....

On the nose it smell exactly like Rose's Lime Cordial but it tastes absolutely nothing like the sweet& tangy lime concentrate. It's all herbs and soft vanilla but with a bit of an Oesophagus warming effect on the finish.... a must for any Spirit attempting to become a must-stock/ must-reside in my drinks cabinet. This is a liqueur for mixing - it's not undrinkable neat but it's quite neutral and works really well in male-octails. There is nothing soft and squidgy about this product or the recipes to follow.

The rainforest Caipirinha:
Whole lime cut in quarter with 1 tablespoon of sugar and muddle well. add chipped ice then 2 msrs of Agwa liqueur. Use bar spoon to mix the sugar and lime combo with the Agwa, the melted ice will dilute the Liqueur.
The 8 Ball:
Shake 1 msr of Agwa with a msr of Bacardi 8yr, add freshly squeezed Lime juice with cloudy apple juice, Shake over Ice well and Strain into High-ball glass.
If we ever get the Sunshine these are ideal for the garden if not turn the heating up put a bit of shakira on the ipod and talk back-packing around South-America. As my Dad always says - 'Drink these lying down' or at least try not to stand up after any more than 3......
O&O Ruthx

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