21 April, 2009

Liefmann's Framboise and Framboise Boon

Ordered some new beers last week and selfishly included some raspberry beers with the mindset of if 'I can't sell them I'll drink them myself'. Like most Irish people I'm a serious sunshine optimist and when I woke on Sunday morning it was all talk of barbecues, cutting the grass and walking Marlay park in our shorts. We settled on the barbecue and sampling the new Belgian beers that had arrived in Deveney's last Friday, cutting the grass and walking the park were put on the back burner - temporarily or maybe till next summer, along with the shorts...

We started with the Liefmans Frambozenbier. Big fan of beautiful bottles so although not my favourite definitely like looking at it. Took out the 3 glasses, There was lots of excitement with the packaging and them we poured it.... Reddish Brown liquid, thick in consistency with a slight carbonation. This kinda reminded me of the liqueur Creme de Mures in colour and nose- stewed raspberry jam with a slight maltiness. The palate was really interesting, sourdough & sherbety with hints of cola and a ginger spiciness. There is a serious sweetness to this but cut with a lovely citrusy finish. At 5%, the alcohol is really well camouflaged and it's almost like drinking a flavour from Soda Stream...... Louise loved it, Clare was a little disappointed and I thought it was unusual but definitely worth trying again- surprisingly!!

The Framboise Boon was a definite in the Summer beer stakes. This is totally what I'd expect from a raspberry Lambic even down to the colour- Really bright pink, the nose was freshly picked raspberries and the palate had very little sugar and crushed fresh raspberry and citrus fruit with a traditional sour Lambic finish. Although it's not 'a 6pk please' it's possibly the nicest fruit Beer I've tried pushing Chapeau Kriek off the number one spot. As fickle as always, I have a new favourite!!!

Got myself into town and had a few Caipirinhas in Solas just to celebrate the good weather and the even better find from the Belgians..... Good job!!!
O&O. Ruthx

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