21 March, 2009

Thanks for the turn-out......

Thanks to you all for making such an effort to visit us last night.....

Apologies for my disorganised behaviour, I honestly wasn't expecting such a turn-out.

I had under estimated 1] You're dedicated following to beer &
2] You're dedicated following to free beer!!

The tasting notes and all those incriminating photos will be posted up after the weekend, I did destroy the one of Simon and that bottle of chimay, unfortunately I was legally obliged!!

All those who didn't make it, we'd love to see you next month.
I will be moving the event to a Thursday night because the crowds in the shop are dissuading the wine customers, who seem to be a much more civilised crew......

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nakamuralegend said...

i was at the tassting last night and thought it was great ;) i especially liked the barbar which was exquisite. i definately be there next month. keep me updated.

Dominykas said...

Thank you for making it happen :) Enjoyed every minute.

I'd say Barbar is the clear winner with Forbidden fruit coming close. Vedett and Chimay feel very average, compared to these two. As for Hopsinjoor... I love hopps, but something was missing there.

And the Kriek was nice, but it can't really be compared with any of the other five ;) When are we having a Kriek-only tasting?

Deveneys said...

I'd be really keen on having a Kriek only tasting - not too sure if we'd have a turn out thou!!Thanks for making it the other night, see you Thursday 23rd? Scottish ales.