19 March, 2009

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate stout

This American Winter Brew didn't arrive in time for our last tasting, so I took the liberty of tasting it for you. Being a girl, not to generalise, I'm a huge fan of shoes/summer dresses/grazia magazine & 'come dine with me' omnibus on a Sunday but top of this list is Chocolate...
The task of tasting Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout was not impossible.
This Full bodied limited bottling Stout has a Malty palate laced with Black Chocolate, hints of Vanilla and mocha. A Dry creamy finish and really really good.
Try it with a chocolate dessert or if we get a bout of snow again, a beef stew.
This could definitely be one of the only reasons to love the winter, especially at 10% alc.......
Available in Dundrum @ €3.49 bt..... Love it, R.


Lisa said...

What a fab post!! I love chocolate too!

Looking forward to the tasting tomorrow xxx

Lou said...

Chocolate and Alcohol in one - eh I'll take a case please!
Enjoy the Tasting 2n!!