11 March, 2009

Belgian Beer tasting, March 20th

Hi all!
Just a general reminder that our next Beer Club Tasting is March 20th.

Venue: Deveney's Dundrum
Time: from 6.30pm
Theme: Fabulous Belgians Beers!!

We got our hands on some new editions to our Belgian Shelf and thought what better way to welcome them!!! 

We'll have some of the 'Lovely oldies' - Forbidden Fruit
Some of the 'Haven't tasted in ages' - Vedett Extra White
Some of the 'Wish I'd had my dinner' - Chimay Blue 9%
Some of the 'I've never seen you before!!!!!' 
And then some...

Exciting stuff,
Looking forward to seeing you all here,

See you soon!



The Beer Nut said...

Ah lovely. I've not tried the Vedett Extra White. Looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed the evening last night, the barbar was my favourite which i was surprised at, really gentle honey flavour at the back. also surprising was how much i liked the kriek, would be a great summer beer lovely sour cherry flavour.
looking forward to the next one.

Arnaud said...

Thanks Ruth.
Added to my reader.
I'm really looking forward to follow your posts!